Tuesday, April 15, 2008

A Warning about Papal Coverage by the MSM

Cross-Post from A Catholic View

The Catholic League predicted it, and so it begins:

The MSM getting a jump-start on their negative spin, by presenting the following headline:

Of course, all Catholics are ashamed of it. I have stated several times that I think any priest proven guilty of abuse should be defrocked, excommunicated and put in jail. Ditto for any Bishops who covered it up. That being said, You can count on the MSM to focus on the scandal, compare Benedict XVI unfavorably with his predecessor John Paul II, and air interviews with dissenters and ex-Catholics.

For complete, accurate coverage visit EWTN, The Catholic Channel, or A Catholic View.

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Leticia said...

Just stick to EWTN and the Catholic blogosphere for positive, geek-proof Papal reporting!