Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Tom Cruise, not a great choice for Godfather, Jaylo!

It breaks my heart when I remember the storyof Tom Cruise's diffucult youth, son of a single mother, enrolled in a Catholic Junior Seminary, helping his mother through difficult times, and then see him as a major advocate for the cult of Scientology. And now Jennifer Lopez has convinced her husband Marc Anthony to allow Cruise to be the Godfather of their twins, Max and Emme.
Let's hope they find a priest who sets them straight on this issue. Or, better yet, leads Tom Cruise back to the faith of his childhood. What a great story that would be!
Read the entire story here.

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Unknown said...

I sincerely hope that the Catholic Church will disallow Tom Cruise to become Godfather to this or any child. How can a scientologist who does not believe in God guide the religious beliefs of a child? This is a sad story that I hope will end with the refusal of Tom as Godparent.