Thursday, April 10, 2008

Lindsay Lohan to go nude in indie movie to prove she's a 'serious actress'

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Poor Lindsay...Hollywood is really taking a toll on her. She should have more respect for herself.

Troubled Hollywood starlet Lindsay Lohan is planning to appear naked in an low-budget film in an effort to revive her flailing career, it has been claimed.

The actress is said to have agreed to strip down for just £40,000 for the indie film Florence to prove herself as a "mature actress".

The 21-year-old, who previously played a pole dancer in the box-office flop I Know Who Killed Me, has reportedly agreed to "full frontal" nudity in her role as a nymphomaniac waitress in the drama.

An insider told The Sun: “Lindsay doesn't care she's getting paid peanuts. She wants to remind people she can act and that she is worth hiring.”

Another source added: “She is fully aware of the potential of her body. Lindsay wants to build up an image as a mature, responsible actress.” So bottom line, she's not getting enough roles, so she's going to make a few bucks by being nude. My question: How does that make her a 'serious actress'?

The actress is no stranger to stripping down - she posed nude for New York magazine in March in a recreation of Marilyn Monroe's legendary 1962 shoot by Bert Stern.

Lindsay has previously spoken about her struggle to find quality acting roles following a difficult year which included yet another stint in rehab.

She said last month: "Right now I just want to find a great script, a great role. Uh Lindsay, let's be honest... if a guy is watching you 'act' nude, he's not going to care too much about the script. :)

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March Hare said...

Yet another talented child actress skids to the bottom as a young adult.

She should have taken a page from another talented Disney child star: Jodie Foster. Ms. Foster took time off to study acting a Yale, thereby taking her craft serious and becoming a serious actress.