Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Faith Podcasts I Listen to Regularly -- Updated

I have been meaning to do this for some time and do a thorough review on each podcast. Guess what? I never have the time so I figure that a quick mention is better than thorough in this case. If any of these interest you then I will leave you to the pleasure of discovering their various excellences for yourselves.

I listen to a bit of inspiration each morning after my prayer time ... while riding the exercise bike or making lunch or whatever ... it helps keep me focused during the day.

Verbum Domini
Daily readings of the Roman Catholic liturgical calendar. Good for anyone who wants a daily dose of scripture. A regular morning listen for me. I find that listening to the readings gives me a different perspective sometimes, although I also usually am reading them at some time during the day in my Magnificat. (iTunes link, website link)

Daily prayer. This podcast is usually about 10 minutes. It begins with music (they use quite a variety from Lady Blacksmith Mogambo to French monks to contemporary worship style), then read from the scripture for the day. They give time for contemplation of this scripture with a series of gently asked questions that invite us to think about it in ways we might not otherwise. I go in and out of listening to this one at different times but always have it on my iPod (iTunes link, website link)

Two Edge Talk
Deacon Tim and Cyndi talk about how to live our faith ... ranging from specific understanding of Catholic teachings to more general questions such as just how do we live an abundant life of faith when we’re so darned busy just surviving? I was alerted to this after seeing several nonCatholics mention how they had learned about Catholic teachings “so they make sense” by listening to this podcast. This is a must listen when it comes in each week. I strongly recommend listening to this week's episode about Eucharistic Adoration ... really fantastic. (iTunes link, website link)

Into the Deep
Three men ... Michael, Brent and Mike ... have good humored but insightful conversations covering different aspects of faith as well as books that they are reading. Probably my favorite of the “inspirational” podcasts to which I listen. The only one that can trump Two Edge Talk if I have a new episode of each (iTunes link, website link)

St. Irenaeus Ministries
Scripture study that is practical. The teacher is extremely insightful in giving connections between scripture and daily life. He keeps it real and although he has an orthodox Catholic point of view, this is the podcast I recommend to nonCatholics. (iTunes link, website link)

What Does the Prayer Really Say?
Father Z's podcast of prayers and homilies from Church Fathers. The prayers are done in Latin and I'm both not able or interested in that. However, the homilies are usually very interesting and I really like Father Z's commentary. Also his rockin' choice of songs (when not being a chant or something tied to the Church) hits me where I live. (iTunes link, website link)

EWTN Special Monthly Programs
These are up for only thirty days and then gone. Past featured series have been Fr. Pacwa on the prophets of the Old Testament, Fr. Dubay on contemplative prayer, and a series describing aspects of the Divine Mercy. This month's feature is a five-part series from Fr. Groeschel about how we can help the church. It looks interesting and very practical with such things as how to approach your pastor when you disagree, etc. I am not always interested in every series but it is worth the time to check it out each month. If you subscribe through the podcatcher link I am providing it will download everything on the EWTN page as it is uploaded. I am not interested in the other podcasts but it is no trouble to sort out the monthly features when they show up. (podcatcher link, website link)

I do listen to other faith oriented podcasts such as Catholic Under the Hood and The Saint Cast and others that I have in the sidebar of Forgotten Classics (which I probably need to update!).

Ancient Religions of the Mediterranean

I can't believe I forgot this one, although perhaps it would be more properly a history podcast. However, I find myself pondering my society in relationship to my faith after listening to each episode, so I put it with my "faith" podcasts. So far this podcast has looked at the New Testament to see what solid, historical truths we can glean from the writings. Hearing the evidence for the reasons Paul wrote various letters and his answers (and why) has been very enlightening. It is even-handed, intriguing, and insightful without ever evincing a desire to undermine one's religion. (iTunes link, website link)

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