Tuesday, April 15, 2008

New Pro-Life Movie Gives Obama and Clinton Answers on When Life Begins

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Hey Hillary and Obama...since you were falling all over yourselves pretending you don't know when life begins, here's some help:

A new pro-life themed movie provides pro-abortion presidential candidates Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton with the answers to the question that stumped them at Sunday's night's faith forum. The head of a pro-life film group says the movie "Come What May" answers the question of when life begins.

As LifeNews.com reported, both Obama and Clinton hedged when asked the question about when life begins.

They appeared to not understand that the union of sperm and egg confers a unique human being with a separate DNA from his or her mother and that growth and development are all that remain during the pregnancy.

"This is something that I have not, I think, come to a firm resolution on," Obama said in the forum. "I think it's very hard to know what that means, when life begins."

Clinton was more elusive in her response, couching her answer in terms of "potential" life.

George Escobar, founder of Advent Film Group, says a "rough-cut" clip from its upcoming movie, Come What May, has been posted on GoogleVideo and GodTube.

Escobar says the clip gives a simple and profound answer to the moral question.

"When life begins is a 'politicized' moral issue," he told LifeNews.com.

"Presidential candidates from both parties recognize this and are waffling," he added. "We hope this clip encourages them (and voters) to take a clear stand for life."

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Patm said...

I'd like to support the movie but honestly the trailer was interminable and the music -argh.

David S. said...

For any who want it, here is the link to the scene in question on Google Video:


Heck, that doesn't even sound convincing to me, and I'm on their side of the question! "That's not a biology question", it says, but the best Catholic thinkers are going to tell you that it is.

Christina said...

Sadly I'd have to agree with greetingsearthling on this one. The "it's not a biology question." bothered me, but more so his logic was off.

If you are taking the baby as alive at birth, then arbitrarily saying that he was alive the "day before and the day before that" you eventually end up at Conception. Since he's not referencing biology at all you end up with "obviously the baby was alive the "day before" conception, which is just silly. There is no stopping point to the cycle.

Furthermore, there are people who contend that the child is not alive until brainwaves are present, until it's heart starts beating, until it has taken it's first breath, until he can stand, walk or drive. Any one of those points becomes an arbitrary spot to stop the "day before" cycle and allow the killing of the child.

In order to determine when something is alive, you must look to (true) science, which says that at the moment the egg and the sperm meet there is a new being. Whether it is a mouse or human, it's alive at the point of conception according to any biology textbook. To say otherwise you would have to rewrite the conditions for being alive - and good luck doing that!

At conception a child has all the characteristics of a living organism; therefore it is alive.