Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Review of "Come, My Beloved"

Twenty-something women in our culture of hook-ups and broken hearts, often think that they have to settle for a string of meaningless relationships rather than a life-long love. So said a journalist from the New York Times in a recent editorial. Romance is only fantasy you indulge in, reality is being used and discarded, they maintain.True love only happens in the movies.

"Come, My Beloved" stands in direct opposition to this cynical viewpoint; for in it, Catholic couples in varied walks of life, and age groups, found true love against the odds. These stories will reawaken your faith that with prayerful trust in God's plan for your vocation, and the grace of the sacraments, you can find a mate who loves you for yourself, and wants to help you to grow closer to God as you grow in love for one another. Love isn't for the perfect, just the hopeful. Enjoy this book and the resurgence of hope it will awaken in your heart as you hear the words of the "Song of Songs" resonate in your own heart.
Recommended for romantics of all ages.

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