Monday, February 18, 2013

Movie Review: Safe Haven - PG13

Katie Feldman arrives in Southport, NC looking to leave her past behind her, and to start a new life.   The local store is owned by Alex, a widower with two small children.   As much as Katie tries to keep to herself, she and Alex are drawn to each other.  Katie also likes the town and begins to build a life for herself.  But her happiness is threatened when her past catches up to her,  and those around her are also threatened  

An excellent story that really has it all...a well-written story, good acting. a love story and action....all leading to a heart-stopping conclusion Josh Duhamel impresses me more with each movie he's in.  But to be fair, the acting was very good all-around.    

An amazing twist at the end wraps up the story very well.

  An excellent movie that you should definitely not miss!

  Content warnings include some violence and one bed scene (no nudity, but it still seemed inappropriate).

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