Thursday, February 28, 2013

Book Review: Roma Downey's Little Angels Prayers for Every Day

This is a neat book to help small children learn how to pray.
They are short prayers that rhyme which makes it easier for them to learn.
There are prayers for morning, for praise or thanks,  for others, for help, for guidance, for comfort,and for bedtime.

The book has a padded cover, and thick pages, making it easier for kids to hold and to turn the pages.

Here are a couple of samples:

 Dear Jesus, 
I thank you for this morning.
I thank you for this day.
I thank you for your kindness,
and for your loving ways.  Amen!
Dear God,
It's almost time for me to sleep,
and now it's time to pray.
Thank you God, for all you do,
and for this happy day.  Amen!

If you are teaching a small child how to pray, you should definitely have this book!

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