Monday, March 12, 2012

Movie Review: The Woodcarver -PG

Matthew Stevenson is a troubled kid from a broken home.
Because of the anger he feels, he vandalizes the church that his father is renovating. 
The pastor gives him the chance to avoid criminal charges by helping to repair the damage.  This is when he meets Ernest Otto (John Ratzenberger),  the woodcarver who did the woodwork for the church.  
Matthew learns a lot from Ernest, more than just woodcarving.  One of the more valuable lessons Ernest teaches him is that before making a decision, always ask yourself WWJD (What would Jesus do?)
This story contains lessons of repentance, forgiveness, redemption and being able to change.
And more than lessons learned, it was about how God can use people to transform the lives of others.   The whole experience affects not only Matthew, but his whole family and Ernest also.
A very good family movie that delivers a positive message and some valuable lessons.
I highly recommend for the family to watch The Woodcarver together!

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