Friday, March 9, 2012

Movie Review: October Baby - PG13

Hannah has long had feelings about who she is and where she belongs.  When she collapses at a school play and goes to a doctor, she finds out why;  she was not only adopted, but she also  survived an abortion.
Hannah is very shaken by this revelation and goes on a road trip with her best friend Jason and his friends seeking answers to her past.  She is  also struggling to handle the feelings this revelation has drudged up.

This story evoked many emotions for me: the story of her failed abortion was tragic,  and the love of her parents and her best friend Jason was heartwarming.  The story really emphasized the tragic consequences of abortion and how it ruins the lives of all involved.

Although the dominant message was redemption and forgiveness, I was surprised by one person's initial reaction to this possibility.
An excellent movie that will touch all your emotions and leave you uplifted.
Don't miss it!

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