Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Music Review: Revolution Worship Live

"Revolution Worship" starts off with "Revolution",  which calls for a change that will bring us closer to God, and  an evangelization, in which we promise to be the voice, hands and feet of the Lord in spreading His word.  I loved this analogy  :)
My favorite is "Your Name" because of the reverence with which God is acknowledged as our creator, redeemer and savior.
Another excellent song of worship is "We Lift You Up", because it recognizes God's mercy and approaches Him humbly.

But it all begins with saying "Yes" to the Lord's love and His will for us. This is an excellent album, because it is filled with songs of true worship of the Lord.  A lot of Christian music tends to focus on "us" and our wants and needs.  "Revolution Worship" stands apart because it focuses on true worship of God, incorporating humilty and gratitude. An excellent album that will bring you closer to the Lord  :)

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