Monday, October 31, 2011

Movie Review: In Time - PG13

Set in the future, people stop aging at age 25.  To stay alive beyond that, you either earn, inherit or steal more time.  Time becomes currency.  There are time zones set up to separate people who have little time left (the poor) and those who have plenty of time left (the wealthy)
Will Salas (Justin Timberlake) receives a large amount of time from a stranger who is tired of living (he is 105 with a 25 year-old body  and allows his own time to run out).   Because of his windfall, Will is pursued  by a cop (referred to as a timekeeper).
Throughout the story,  time referred to as currency.  A quick example:
Will's mother gets on a bus, and the driver says "that will be two hours"
She says "last week it was one hour"
He says "price has gone up"
Also, someone asks Sylvia "What's your father worth"?  She responds: "eons"
Will tips a waitress and says "keep a week for yourself".
Will and Sylvia are on the run, and are trying to right the wrongs of the system.  They are sort of like Robin Hood, distributing time to those who can't afford it.  There is plenty of action and  some violence. Content warnings include one scene where Sylvia is in her underwear, and some language. 
In addition to being very entertaining, it was very thought-provoking.   I kept thinking if this were real, how many people would get bored after hundreds of years of living and just let their time run out?   As a pro-lifer, the prospect of so many suicides, and poor people running out of time,  would greatly concern me.
Justin Timberlake is excellent in his role.  The ending left it wide open for a sequel, and I definitely hope they make one!
A very cool movie... see it!

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