Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Parents beware: ‘Twilight: Breaking Dawn’ features disturbing treatment of abortion

Parents with children who are thinking of watching the latest Twilight film, Breaking Dawn – Part I, should be aware that it features disturbing discussions about abortion that carry ambiguous, if not openly anti-life messages, according to a professor at a Canadian college.
In this fourth film, set for release on Friday, heroes Bella and Edward get married and then are shocked to discover on the honeymoon that Bella is pregnant. The story appears to carry a strong pro-life message, as Bella quickly realizes that her life is at risk but chooses to keep the half-vampire, half-human child despite strong pressure from Edward and other characters for her to obtain an abortion.
“All Bella wants is for that baby to survive and she’s willing to kill herself for it,” comments actress Nikki Reed in a promo video.
In a society that largely accepts abortion-on-demand, let alone abortion to save the mother’s life, the storyline comes across as strongly counter-cultural. Indeed, the book sparked fan protests over a perceived “anti-abortion” theme when it was released in 2008.


Elena said...

I saw the movie this weekend. Edward starts to love the child once he can read its mind. The child is thinking that it loves Bella and it even loves Edward. That turns everything around for Edward. I actually thought it presented both sides well with the pro-life side winning on this one.

Father said...

I didn't think that there was anything remotely ambiguous, much less anti-life, about the message.

Edward and all of the other characters, except for Rosalie, immediately tell Bella to have an abortion. Bella turns to Rosalie because she knows that Rosalie will understand, because Rosalie mourns that she will never be able to bear children. Bella, despite her complete lack of religious upbringing or ethical framework, understands innately that this is a life within her, that it must be loved and protected.

The message is pro-life, and is presented in a way that proponents of choice cannot honestly find fault with -- Bella makes her choice, and chooses life for her baby, even at great personal cost.