Saturday, October 29, 2011

Movie Review: The Christmas Lodge - G

On a trip to the mountains, Mary  finds herself at the Christmas Lodge, which she had visited as a child.  As Mary and her family help to restore the Lodge to its former beauty, she begins to believe in, and find, true love again.

Family is the center of the story, how family inspires each other and helps each other.  One part that struck me was that Mary went away with her boyfriend, and they got separate rooms!  Unfortunately,  in today's culture, it is often taken for granted that dating = sleeping together, and it was refreshing to see that some people still have values.   I felt that Mary's character was played a bit stiff, but I like the values she personifies.

A very family-oriented Christmas story that is appropriate for all ages.

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Jack Harris said...

i loved it what is the name of the song played at the end