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Movie Review: X-Men Origins: Wolverine - PG13

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warning: possible spoilers

As you can tell by the previews, this movie tells the origin of Wolverine, also known as Logan. He was born a mutant. As a kid, when he kills the man who killed his mother, he finds out the man is his father. The man is also Victor's father.

He later serves in the army, and then he walks away from his life as a member of a team of mutants, and tries to live a quiet life with Emma Frost. But Colonel Stryker and Victor (Sabretooth), his brother and one of his fellow mutants, track him down. Soon after, other members of the mutant team start dying one by one. Stryker tries to get Logan to help find out who is responsible, but Logan is not interested. Later, Stryker and Victor find a way to get him interested; Stryker actually ends up being responsible for turning Logan into Wolverine, then Logan finds out their ulterior motive.

This movie reminded me of Rambo, because several times Logan is either lied to or betrayed much the same way Rambo was. But in the end, he finds an unexpected ally.

The thing that made this movie for me are the characters, specifically the mutants. They each have a specific ability. One can make fire with his eyes, John Wraith can move around in the blink of an eye, another is great with a sword, which leads me to the coolest scene: when he is being shot at, he actually cuts one of the bullets in half with his sword! Later, Logan finds out that Emma has an ability he didn't know about.

I really thought this movie was good: The characters are very unique and interesting, the plot is good, there is lots of action, and the special effects are great. However, I was disappointed with the ending; I felt it was anti-climactic and somewhat incomplete.

Only content warning is for some violence, which you'd expect here, especially if you've seen the previous X-Men movies. I'd only seen one of them before this. I took my nephews, who were more familiar with the characters than I was.

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