Monday, May 4, 2009


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Bishop Malcolm McMahon of Nottingham has criticized Angels & Demons, the new film based on a novel by Dan Brown. “This is so outlandish, it’s total rubbish,” Bishop McMahon said. “It’s mischievous to stir up this kind of anti-Catholic sentiment. It’s a gratuitous knocking of the Church, and I can’t see any reason for it.”

The film’s director, Ron Howard, charged that the Vatican obstructed the filming of scenes near churches. “When you come to film in Rome, the official statement to you is that the Vatican has no influence,” he said. “Everything progressed very smoothly, but unofficially a couple of days before we were to start filming in several of our locations, it was explained to us that through back channels and so forth that the Vatican had exerted some influence.”

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Anonymous said...

I read and watched the movie "Angels and Demons" and found the book hard to put down and the movie was excellent! The book is found in the fiction section of the library so why would you need a disclamer for the movie? I think there are too many people with too much time on their hands~get a life.