Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Backlash begins as a New York magazine boycotts Sex And The City

When I saw this article, I was glad to see someone speaking out about this movie. I was quickly disappointd to see they were only complaining about the over-saturation, not the content. This one is pretty self-explanatory. Like the show, it is sure to contain graphic sex scenes. Anyone who is trying to live their faith should NOT see this film.

It appears the relentless promotional blitz surrounding Sex And The City movie has reached saturation point for some - and it hasn't even opened in cinemas yet.

New York's Time Out magazine, which has a reputation for capturing the city's Zeitgeist, has hit stands promising a Sex And The City free edition (albeit using an image of the women on the cover).

With Sarah Jessica Parker and co's mouths all taped up under the strap line "No Sex!", the magazine declares "Enough already - we love 'em, but it's just too much."

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And they're not the only ones:

Forum Films, the Israeli distributor of the soon-to-be-released "Sex and the City" movie, won't be hanging advertising posters and billboards in Jerusalem and Petah Tikva because officials there don't want the word "sex" on display, said company spokesman Arye Barak.

Municipal officials there asked to have the word "sex" removed from the posters, Barak said. "We told them, the way you don't remove the word "Coca" from "Coca-Cola" and just leave "Cola," we can't do it in this case," he said. "It's ludicrous."

Advertisemnts for the movie, based on the popular TV series, were to go up elsewhere in Israel on Tuesday night, said an official at Maximedia, the Israeli company that is handling outdoor advertising for the movie.

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