Sunday, October 10, 2010

Movie Review: The Way Home

Based on a true story.

Christal and Randy(Dean Cain) Simpkins are married with 3 sons. They are about to take a vacation, mainly because Randy has been so busy with work he hasn't spent enough time with the family.  Just as they are about to leave,  they discover their youngest son, 2 yr-old Joe, is missing.   Randy blames himself, because he had run inside to check his email.  As you'd expect, they are distraught and begin to look for him.   Their pastor contacts their congregation and other churches.   The number of people praying for Joe and searching for him was truly amazing.  Both Randy and Christal take at least some comfort in praying with others.   I won't reveal the ending, but have your tissues ready!

A very good family movie.  My family loved it.

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