Sunday, October 3, 2010

Book Review: "Today I Found God" by Greg Long

Told in the first person, a young boy is having a bad day....he lost $5, he can't find his fishing pole, he spilled paint, etc., and he wants to know why God is doing this to him.  So bad, that he sets out to find God and give him a piece of his mind :)   He looks everywhere, all the while vowing to tell him off, but can't find him.  Naturally, he ends up in church and the pastor tells him he must look closer.  

Eventually, he realizes that  he has no reason to be mad at God because God loves him  :)

I really appreciate the main point of the story, because all of us have a tendency to blame God when things go wrong.   That is sometimes the only time we go looking for him.

A very cute childrens' story.

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