Saturday, October 23, 2010

Movie Review: Rust - PG

Corbin Bernsen is James (Jimmy) Moore, a  former minister who loses his faith and returns to his home town after a family is killed when their house burns down.  Jimmy's childhood friend Travis is in a mental institution, accused of setting the fire. Jimmy is convinced that Travis is innocent, and sets out to prove it.

Jimmy is mad at God because God hasn't provided the answers he has been seeking.   Jimmy's father is mad at Jimmy for leaving them, and for never finishing anything.   Jimmy's friend Duane is mad because he believes Travis is guilty.  While investigating the fire, Jimmy meets a lot of resistance, but by finding the truth, he also finds his lost faith.

There is plenty of anger in Rust.   Everyone was mad at something.   The reward is that there is also much healing, forgiveness  and redemption.  A worthwhile film with positive lessons.

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