Monday, October 4, 2010

Movie Review: Upside - On DVD 10/5/10

Solomon White (Soli) is a high school senior who excels at lacrosse and has an on-again/off-again relationship with his girlfriend Cindee.  When Soli is injured in a lacrosse game, his vision is affected and he sees everything upside down.  A doctor gives him special glasses to see right side-up, but they give him severe headaches, so he rarely wears them.   At a support group for the visually-impaired, Soli meets Wren Woods, a Christian girl who was born blind and has adapted well to a seeing world. 

In addition to his vision problem, Soli is coping with: his poor relationship with his mother, who is pressuring him to go to Cornell (he has a choice of several colleges), he is trying to write a long essay assignment, and he  appears to be tiring of his superficial relationship with Cindee.   He begins to spend more time with Wren; they help each other, as he gives her the experience of an aquarium which she had never had,  and she brings him to church, which he hasn't been to in a while.   It is rewarding to actually watch Soli grow and mature from a high-school senior to a college student.  He also grows in his faith, thanks to Wren and Mrs. Buck, one of his teachers.

A very entertaining family film.


Allison said...

Not on Netflix...hmmmm, where to see/get this movie??

Christine said...

You can order it from the website in the post. Unfortunately, not all retailers carry Christian oriented movies

Christine said...

I almost can get it at Lifeway Christian stores.