Thursday, September 18, 2008

TG provides an alternative magazine for young Catholic women

When I was a young woman in the 80’s, picking up a copy of “Glamour” meant nothing more than a chance to read up on fashion trends and make-up tips. Now such magazines push an agenda which is increasingly hostile to the faith. What can a young Catholic woman read? Must she settle for reading their mother’s housekeeping magazines?

That is what inspired TG editor Heather Gaffney, the magazine’s editor and mother of two. She has a Master’s in Education and a heart for evangelization through the media. She bought the rights to “True Girl” magazine, which many of you may have subscribed to until it stopped publishing a while ago, bringing a good idea back to life; a magazine for the young Catholic woman who wants a good read on a wide range of subjects of interest to her. Heather believes that a magazine can offer topics of interest to the whole woman, body, mind and soul, without offending Our Lady, who graces the cover of the first, sample copy of the magazine. Her philosophy is, “TG magazine strives to encourage and support young women. Using fashion, fun and the Gospel message of the Catholic Church, TG will educate and motivate ladies in friendship and the love of Jesus Christ.” TG is dedicated to St. John Bosco, patron of youth whose motto was, “Enjoy yourself as much as you like- if only you keep from sin”.

TG offers a wide variety of articles, ranging from media reviews, recipes, new product suggestions, make-up and fashion tips, advice from a priest, and articles on the Catholic faith. The August/September issue features a World Youth Day theme which includes some facts on tourist attractions in Australia, an article on the history of World Youth Day, and reflections from a young woman who attended the Holy Father’s Youth Rally in New York last April. There is a review of the inspirational book, “The Ultimate Gift”, instructions for making a beautiful decoupage cross with plenty of pictures, recipes for fruit smoothies, tips on how to keep make-up fresh, and a review of the singer Feist. Calendars which mention everything from the sublime (feast of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary) to the trivial (National Aviation Day) and a biography of St. Claire, whose feast falls on August 11, complete the assortment of articles. The articles are well written and informative without being tedious.
TG has a fresh, contemporary look with a real life cover girl, Michelle Herman, a home-schooled junior, whose lovely smile just happens to show her braces. She is fashionably yet modestly dressed, and has the wholesome good looks of the girl next door.
If your life includes a beautiful girl next door, you would do well to give her a gift subscription to this bi-monthly magazine.

Renewal subscriptions for former subscribers of “True Girl” magazine is $18.95; new subscriptions are only $1 more.
To order, visit the magazine’s website.

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