Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Powerful Pro-Marriage Film "Fireproof" Opens in Theatres This Friday

At a time when the majority of marriages end in divorce, the makers of the popular "Facing the Giants" movie are bringing to select theatres a film that has already inspired numerous couples to strengthen, and, in many cases, to rescue, their marriages.

Opening this Friday in 850 theatres across America, "Fireproof" is the inspiring story of a devoted and heroic firefighter whose marriage is on the brink of eruption, and who, in response to a challenge from his father, begrudingly sets out on a 40 day quest to salvage his relationship with his wife.

The film stars Kirk Cameron, the one time teen-star of the popular TV show "Growing Pains," who has for many years devoted himself to using his talents for wholesome projects.

The film has already been met with widespread acclaim, particularly amongst the evangelical base that forms the film's target audience. However, "Fireproof" has also been embraced many of no faith, who have responded to the movie's message about the power of selfless love and its practical, realistic portrayal of how to go about rescuing a marriage that seems beyond the point of no return.

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deb said...

I saw Fireproof and thought that it was excellent. I was saddened to discover that Mr. Cameron tries to convert Catholics away from our Church. I quote him in an article on my blog if you want to check it out.