Sunday, September 28, 2008

Fireproof - PG

Warning: potential spoilers.

I was very anxious to see 'Fireproof', and it didn't disappoint.

From the previews, it is obvious that it it is about a marriage that is in trouble. However, I was unprepared for the level of anger and hatred that Caleb (Kirk Cameron) and Catherine (Erin Bethea) displayed toward eachother early in the movie. Caleb is a fireman, a Captain. It is clear that there are 2 major reasons for their marriage being in trouble; Caleb is addicted to internet porn, and neither of them really includes God in their life. Caleb seems to have a problem with women. He doesn't get along well with his mother either. At one point, he says to his father "Why did you have to bring her?".

Caleb's father gives him a book that saved his own marriage. It is a 40-day plan to save his marriage. Caleb tries it, but Catherine is not very receptive. Most of the movie is watching him try to win her back. His co-workers are giving him advice and sugggestions, but her co-workers convince her that he is trying to take everything from her.

Two notes about the ending: 1. It brought me to tears. 2. Everyone in the theatre was applauding.

two words: See it!

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