Wednesday, September 17, 2008

In New Book Actor Dan Akroyd Says he Would Support Bestiality if Animals Were Sentient, Bashes Catholicism

Here's some Catholic-bashing to avoid. It's even disguised as a "Catholic" book.

A new book on the shelves called "Being Catholic Now" has sparked the ire of some Catholics. Catholic League President Bill Donohue lambasted the book in an interview with today, noting that the offering compiled by Kerry Kennedy is filled with contributions from anti-Catholics, wayward Catholics and only a few authentic Catholics.

"The Kerry Kennedy book is rather amazing," Donohue told "It's called 'Being Catholic Now,' yet many people in the book reject the Church's teaching on almost everything. Some of them are outright haters of the Catholic Church, and they admit that. Many of them have fallen away, and they admit that. So you have to wonder about the title."

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