Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Movie Review: Saving Christmas

Kirk is enjoying his sister's Christmas party,  until he discovers how down his brother-in-law Christian has become on Christmas.  Kirk goes and talks to Christian, and although Christian is a Christian (no pun intended),  he cites all the nonsense anti-Christian theories that atheists and/or Satanists use.  One by one, these fruitless arguments fall as Kirk responds to them.  here are a couple of my favorite points:

Where are trees (as in a Christmas tree) in the Bible?  In the Garden of Eden, for starters...God gave Adam and Eve a garden full of fruitful trees to eat from...He only forbade them from eating of one.  When they disobeyed Him, it was not possible to put that fruit back on the tree, so Jesus, the new Adam, made things right by putting Himself on a tree...for us.

Christmas is a Pagan holiday...SANTA=SATAN...get it?  :)  After I stopped laughing, Kirk explained about the real St Nicholas and how he fought heresies promoted, ironically enough, by a Bishop named Arius that labelled Jesus as less than God.  St. Nicholas fought these Arian heresies vigorously, and as a result, became popular with the people, and children in particular, to whom he was generous...the beginning of Christmas.

Basically, Kirk  conveys the point that Jesus is the center of Christmas, and as such, we should joyfully celebrate it 

An excellent movie that will get you in the mood for Christmas and help make it even more joyful!
By the way, the website is pretty cool also...check it out too :)

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