Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Music Review: VIP by Manic Drive

The best aspect of VIP is the tempo/rhythm/beat of the tracks.  The whole CD is very contemporary,  and it will especially appeal to young people.  Even though I am only 'young at heart', it appeals to me :)

The thing I like best about VIP is that  the songs are so relative...they almost felt like they were written to me, or about me, because I could relate so personally to them.  I do wish there were more than 8 tracks.  Although they convey our weaknesses and failings, they highlight God's saving grace.  It is also motivational.

My favorite track is Indestructible....it encompasses so much....how we can lose our way and God finds us, how we are so weak and yet shielded by Him, we are invincible,how he is our strength, and He watches over us.

I highly recommend VIP...it is uplifting, entertaining and will help bring you closer to the Lord.

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