Sunday, July 20, 2014

Movie Review: Ragamuffin

This is the story of Rich Mullins, a contemporary Christian musician.   Rich grew up on a farm, and it seemed that every time he tried to help his father, something would go wrong.   This led to a very strained relationship  between Rich and his father, and a lot of insecurity for Rich throughout his life.

I found Rich to be very self-righteous and judgmental, labeling most Christians as insincere and hypocritical.  There is a lot if irony in that statement alone;  He acted like he was the only 'honest' Christian.  Much of Rich's music was negative, which I believe was a reflection of his troubled past, and several people encouraged him to write more positive, uplifting music, which was appropriate, given that there is nothing more 'positive' than God loving us, and us loving God.

I will say that I admire his perseverance in his belief that God loves him, despite his failings, which is most certainly true.  He was strongly impacted by a preacher who coined the term 'ragamuffin', meaning those who humbly ask God for forgiveness.   

Overall, an inspirational film which overuses negativity.  The main point I came away with is how much God loves us, which is a good point to convey :)

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