Sunday, July 6, 2014

Movie Review: America: Imagine the World Without her - PG13

This is more of a documentary than a movie, and in it Dinesh D'Souza discusses some of the 'atrocities' America has been accused of, ironically enough,  by enemies within, who actually reside in America who want to tear her down and 'remake' her while enjoying the liberties and freedom she offers.

These absurd accusations include 'stealing' this country, 'stealing' Mexico,  slavery, and the 'evil' of Capitalism (LOL)

The main critics of America that D'Souza focuses on are Howard Zinn, whose leftist attacks on America have , unfortunately, become required reading at universities in this country and Saul Alinsky, who has motivated such radical leftists such as Obama and Hlilary.   The most shocking point in the whole movie is that a very long time ago, Hilary was a conservative, but she was influenced by Alinsky.

D'Souza presents the issues America faces in a serious and  realistic, but not fatalistic fashion.
I  recommend America for all, as those who agree with it will be encouraged, and hopefully those who disagree may be educated :)  

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