Sunday, February 23, 2014

Movie Review: Robocop - PG13

In the year 2028, OmniCorp has successfully deployed military robots overseas and now wants to create a robotic cop here in the U.S.,  starting in Detroit.   They see their first opportunity when officer Alex Murphy is critically injured in a murder attempt.  

It is difficult to watch  a remake without comparison to the original.  In this version, they are much more open about the fact that RoboCop is Alex Murphy.  In the original, he was believed dead.  His partner is still Lewis, but now a man rather than the original female partner.  Joel Kinnaman is good as Alex Murphy and Michael Keaton is good as Raymond Sellars, the head of OmniCorp. 

 I liked Alex's reaction when he was first learns he is now RoboCop. It was very realistic and believeable.  His wife Ellen, played by Abbie Cornish, was pretty realistic in her reaction to his injury, but somehow too accepting of seeing her husband as a robot for the first time to be convincing.

The bad guys, Michel Keaton,  Gary Oldman, Jackie Earle Haley were pretty entertaining.   When Haley played "If I only had a heart" from the Wizard of  Oz, I couldn't help but crack up  :)  Samuel Jackson was annoying as a TV Reporter covering the story,  which is what I believe he was intended to be.

The plot was better than expected, and better than the original.  There is a lot of action.

Content warnings include violence and one brief bed scene (no nudity) early on.

Most importantly, they end by making the point that his humanity is not overcome by his robotic body.

Go see will be entertained!

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