Friday, December 20, 2013

Music Review: "A New Day" by Steve Angrisano

It was a treat to listen to this CD, which features Steve's beautiful guitar playing and smokey voice ('smokey' is not a word I use often,  but it accurately describes his voice, and it is used in the most complimentary manner :)

  There is a lot of bible reference:
'Psalm 40: Here I am Lord' is obviously based on that Psalm
'Magnificat' is the well-known visitation of Mary to Elizabeth 
'Remain in Me, I Am the Vine' resounds the words of Jesus himself  

The tempo is fairly consistent across most of the tracks, with a couple of tracks, such as 'Alleluia! Love Is Alive' and 'May Your Kingdom Come' using a faster tempo.  

The guitar playing is also appropriate for each track, using soothing notes and powerful chords.   The most important aspect of the CD for me is that it remains totally focused on the Lord.

 It was a pleasure to review this CD, and I highly recommend it.

  I think Steve's greatest asset is his voice.

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