Monday, December 2, 2013

Book Review: "Like a Woman Scorned" by Randi Hart

Alison Carson meets attorney Rick Waterman while he is in town for a month-long trial.  During that month, they carry on an affair,  and all seems ideal.    
The problems begin when the trial, and their affair, are over.  At first, Alison is angry and secretly seeks revenge, then she fears she may have gone too far, especially when Rick apologizes and they start to rekindle their past feelings.  Then,  Rick becomes suspicious.....  

Randi takes the reader on a real roller-coaster of a story.   From one chapter to the next, you aren't sure  who is more sympathetic.

 It is a relatively short book...a novella, about 118 pages.  It will keep you hooked, and guessing the whole time.  

A very good story that is sure to entertain.  Good job Randi!

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