Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Music Review: "Don't Stand Idly By" by Thomas Jude Shaheen

I finally get to review Christian/Catholic music that actually sounds and feels like worshiping :)

  Thomas includes 12 solid tracks in his new CD.

I listened to all 12, and here are my thoughts:  

Thomas has a strong, clear voice, so it's easy to hear and understand the lyrics even without reading the insert that has them on it.  

The tempo and rhythm of each song is unique, and just right for that particular song's message.  

'Blood of the Lamb'  is probably the most powerful song on the CD, about how Jesus has conquered all and rules all.  

One word I would use to describe the CD is 'biblical':
'All Generations' is to the Blessed Mother and includes the words Elizabeth spoke to Mary at the Visitation.   
'It's Your Life' includes Jesus' words to take up our cross and follow him.
'Yasu'ah'  is the Arabic name of Jesus (This name was also used in 'Passion of the Christ).

  My two favorites are:
'All Generations' is to the Blessed Mother (I have a strong devotion to the Rosary)
'Don't Stand Idly By'  exhorts us to defend ALL life (I pray weekly at an abortion clinic)  

An excellent CD that will bring you closer to the Lord.

  I encourage you to stop by his site and order a copy! (and hear sample tracks :)


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