Saturday, November 23, 2013

Movie Review: Coming Home for Christmas

Sisters Carly and Britt McKillip play sisters Kate and Melanie, who haven't spoken in 5 years.  Since then,  their family hasn't celebrated Christmas, their parents have separated and the family home has been sold.    Kate comes up with an idea to reunite her family for Christmas at the old house, but there is someone else living there now....  

A very nice story of forgiveness, reconciliation and the importance of family.  Also, an appreciation for Christmas. The story is nice, and the script plays it out well.    

My main issue is with the casting and acting.  The two McKillip sisters both over-acted their roles.  The rest of the cast seemed uncomfortable in their roles, as if they were unsure how to play them.  Amy Jo Johnson was too young to play the mother....she wasn't convincing in the role, and at times seemed more like a third sister.  

A heartwarming story that will put you in the mood for Christmas.  It is also a story of doing for others.  Each of the cast does that, making it about the season of giving.

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