Sunday, December 2, 2012

Elizabeth: A Holy Land Pilgrimage
Cheryl Dickow, Author
 Bezalel Books, Publisher
Reviewed by Christine Capolino

            A gem in the crown of quality Christian  offerings from Bezalel Books, Elizabeth: A Holy Land Pilgrimage, will inform you,  captivate you,  inspire you.  If only it didn’t have to end. 

            Mrs. Dickow’s  colorful, yet realistic characters  will grip and endear you. Their flaws are our flaws. Their strengths, our strengths. They struggle to relate to each other and to live fully Christian lives, honoring the Lord and each other as much as possible. Feeling, at times, as if they have failed the ones they love and feeling failed, themselves. Yet recognizing the blessing of being the Lord’s servant at all times.

            Page after page, you will ask yourself how the author could possibly know you so well. Your innermost thoughts,  your soul. Being immersed in the lives of Beth and Luke as well as Beth’s newfound friends in Jerusalem, The Goldfarbs and a few other caring souls,  will serve to enrich and enlighten us all.

             So too, the author draw us into her protagonist’s journey of the soul through her descriptions. The vividness descriptions of the historical settings as well as attention to details, as in  the layout of Beth’s Jerusalem apartment, create a novel which rivals any on the bestseller list. Plot surprises, also, will keep you riveted to Elizabeth: A Holy Land Pilgrimage far into the night.

            Our story begins as Beth, feeling unappreciated by her husband and four kids for far too long,  plans an adventure, a pilgrimage, in Israel, a place whose history has appealed to her as her “fascination with the Jewish roots of their faith was unquenchable.”

            Beth’s midlife, solo quest does offer peace of mind and relaxation. Equally important though, as she walks in the footsteps of Christ to Golgotha and as she humbly relives and relearns her Faith, are the friends she meets along the way.  Friends who have  known each other but a short time, yet display true compassion  in the face of adversity and an honest comfort level as well. You too, may close the book wishing that you had friends as loyal (and fun) as our heroine Beth, and her new but lifelong friends, Miriam and Rachel.

            “Resources and Reflections” at  the end of Elizabeth: A Holy Land Pilgrimage will equip the reader with further information around our Jewish beginnings,  such as  the many names of God,  Sabbath traditions and recipes for traditional Jewish dishes such as falafel and Tabouli.   Incredibly practical and located within this section,  Mrs. Dickow  furnishes Biblical references and a handful of prayer suggestions to coordinate with various chapters.

            Looking for a beautiful Christmas or advent gift? A gift to honor the Year of Faith? Celebrate the gift of true friendship and the gift of our Faith with Elizabeth: A Holy Land Pilgrimage.
            Once you have  enjoyed Elizabeth: A Holy Land Pilgrimage, you will want to delve into Mrs. Dickow’s other titles. Among them: Our Jewish Roots and    Reclaiming Your Christian Self in a Secular World: A Women’s Bible Study .

            Please visit the beautiful for more information, to peruse all of Bezalel's lovely offerings,  or to request Cheryl Dickow as a speaker at your upcoming event.          

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