Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Movie Review: Vito Bonafacci

Vito Bonafacci is a successful businessman who has much wealth and a lavish lifestyle.   One night he dreams that he had a heart attack and his mother appears to him and admonishes him to abandon his pursuit  of worldly goods and  pursue true life in the Lord. 

Vito seems unsure of how to do what his mother is telling him.  He repeatedly asks "am I a good person"?   He also questions the existence of heaven and hell.  He discusses his doubts with several people throughout the story,  but none of them has the answers.  In the end, he finds the answer is in the Catholic Church and reception of the sacraments.

I enjoyed the story and how it is told, but one technique I did not care for was that  in a couple scenes, when his mother is speaking, the camera closes in on her mouth.  I found this distracting.

My favorite quote from this film is "much of what the world holds in esteem, the Lord holds in disdain".

A very good story that follows a search for truth and ends up with the truth of the Church.  It will reinforce your own faith in the Church.

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