Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Movie Review: The Genesis Code - PG

Warning: Possible spoiler.

Kerry Wells becomes friends with Blake Truman when she is assigned to interview him for the school  paper (he is the star player of the hockey team).

 Kerry is a devout Christian, and her father is the pastor of the local Church.   Kerry and Blake soon find themselves at odds, because Blake believes that science disproves Genesis, the story of creation.  That makes it hard for him to turn to God through prayer for his  mother, who is in the hospital in a coma.

Kerry's brother and his friends (all science majors) put together a presentation to reconcile Genesis and science.  Kerry has a challenge to her faith as well through one of her professors, who insists she must forfeit her beliefs to be successful, so the presentation also helps her with that.  My favorite line of the movie is when Kerry says "science has caught up to the bible".

I've reviewed a number of Christian themed movies, but this one is especially effective in making people proud to be Christian and unafraid to defend our beliefs.

There are a few well-known actors you'll enjoy seeing: Lance Henriksen, Catherine Hicks, Ernest Borgnine and Fred Thompson.

A very inspiring, effective and entertaining movie.

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