Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Movie Review: Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol - PG13

Ethan Hunt and the IMF are framed for a bombing of the Kremlin and  disavowed by the President, who invokes "ghost protocol".  Now they have a dual mission:  to clear their name, and stop a madman terrorist from launching a nuclear missile and starting a war.
The acting is top motch, especially Tom Cruise and Michael Nyqvist (who is quickly becoming a favorite of mine).

A very engaging plot and intense action scenes.  Several plot twists add to the excitement.

Warnings include some language and violence.

2 words:  SEE IT!

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Rahul said...

I will tell you what I really felt.. The movie kept decreasing its thrill and adrenalin rush.... The kremlin scene was good, but the climax was less than worse... So did the scenes in between.. The Burj Khalifa scenes were thrilling, but I doubt, standing in the 100 floor, breaking the glass pane, wont there be any wind blowing inside...? ( Being hollywood and MI, these details count.. dont they...?).. Ya ..its true I felt the thrill up here there, but the flow , was missin....