Monday, December 5, 2011

Movie Review: HUGO - PG

Hugo is an orphan living secretly in a Paris train station.  He keeps the big clock working, and he is very skilled at fixing things.  He is also  trying to unlock a secret left by his father.
This is a very difficult movie to review:  I found the first half of the movie very difficult to watch.  I was appalled at how cruel several adults were toward Hugo.  However, the second half was quite different, redeeming itself by the good that Hugo's quest brings about, and how he impacts the lives of others, changing them  in a very positive way.   
The special effects were pretty good, and there were a few very tense scenes, but the fact that the camera was too close-up on adult's faces at times, while probably done for an intimidating effect, only gave it a creepiness.
I did not care at all for how the story was told, but I acknowledge that the story itself is a worthwhile one.  Also, I took my two nephews, almost 14, and they enjoyed it.

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