Sunday, June 26, 2011

Movie Review: Super 8 - PG13

In 1979, a group of kids making a movie witness a train crash.   When inexplicable events begin to happen in town, the main questions become :"what was on the train?"  and "why did it crash?".

The action and special effects are entertaining, the problem is with the story.

The story does NOT live up to expectations, what you'd expect from the previews and trailer.  The plot is very weak, and the story is mostly implausible.

Super 8 is super lame.


Anonymous said...

I would have to disagree...Super 8 wasn't "super lame". While somewhat predictable, as most movies are, Super 8 was fun and entertaining. It could be classified as a culmination of many of Spielbergs films....Goonies meets Jaws meets Close Encounters meets ET and throw in some Jurasic Park and you have a fun movie. The only minor downside would be, in typical Spielberg style, the lack of good parental example to downright lack of parental presence.
overall a fun movie with a few swears no nudity.

Christine said...

The previews and trailers made it seem like an exciting and suspenseful thriller, not "fun and entertaining".

I do agree with "a few swears no nudity." There wasn't much objectionable content.

Anonymous said...

Strongly disagree on this one.

'Super 8' is in fact a wonderful film, especially when considering the ways one can tie the plot to a discussion of communion, in the Catholic sense of the term:

Anonymous said...

I loved this movie as did my 10 and 13 year olds. Great testament to the need for a strong family too.