Friday, June 17, 2011

Movie Review: Green Lantern - PG13

The Green Lantern Corps is a small but powerful group of warriors who protect  the universe.  Each Green Lantern wears a ring from which they get their power, and their mission is to keep intergalactic order.   

Test Pilot Hal Jordan, because of his fearlessness,  is chosen to be the first human Green Lantern.  A couple of other species of  Green Lanterns look down on him because he is human, and consider him unworthy to be a Green Lantern, but when the earth and the entire universe are threatened by the evil force of Parallax , it is Hal who must stop him and prove himself as the greatest  Green Lantern. 

The prevalent theme, which I found quite poignant, is that evil is powered by fear, but good is powered by the will; and that is where the Green Lanterns' rings derive their power from.    I couldn't help  but think of how Satan uses our own weaknesses and failings to lure us into darkness, and that our faith in God will overcome all.

The action was very intense, and the special effects were stunning.  I am hoping for a sequel.

Ryan Reynolds is perfect as the Green Lantern.

So far, my movie of the year...DON'T MISS IT!

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Don Schenk said...

Did you know that in the comic books Parallax is Hal Jordan, driven power-mad by al the evil in the world?