Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Movie Review: The Adjustment Bureau - PG13

Fate or free will? 

That is the question to be answered when U.S. Senate candidate David Norris meets Elise Sellas and falls in love with her.  A group called The Adjustment Bureau tries to keep them apart at any cost, because it doesn't fit in with 'the plan' for him,  it was a mistake.  They are a secret team that performs 'adjustments' to keep people 'on plan'.  But the problem is that David keeps seeking out Elise.  The question is will the Bureau be able to keep them apart?  Will David and Elise have to sacrifice everything to keep to 'the plan'?  And what will the Bureau Chairman decide?

"The Adjustment Bureau" has it all:  a very unique story, good character development,  action, cool special effects, and it is continually entertaining and, at times, touching. Matt Damon is at his best. I think we see more of the real Matt in this role than others.  He seems very much himself.

The content warnings are some language and one bed scene (no nudity).

An excellent movie!


Beth said...

Hi! Is the "bed scene" a married couple?


Christine said...

no. unmarried :(

Thomas Watson said...

The final resolution is a little bluff, a little fairy tale, a little Disney