Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Book Review: "Cross Fire" by James Patterson

Alex Cross is a former FBI agent, now a D.C. detective.  As Alex is trying to find and stop a pair of snipers on a killing spree,  he doesn't know that he will soon be facing his nemesis Kyle Craig, who seeks revenge against Alex and is much closer than Alex realizes.  One phrase that repeats throughout the story is "foxes in the hen house".

Alex also contends with some personal issues, such as planning to marry Bree, his current love, and the reappearance of his ex-wife.

Although Alex is a good detective, it is clear how much he cares about his family.

I like the way that  Mr. Patterson integrates character development with his story.   I also enjoy his writing style, and the pace at which he moves the story. This was the first novel by Mr. Patterson that I've read.  It was so good that  I've already started reading "Tick Tock".

Content warnings include language, and some violence. 

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