Sunday, November 21, 2010

Movie Review: Unstoppable - PG13

Based on a true story.

Frank Barnes (Denzel Washington) and Will Colson (Chris Pine) both work for  the same railroad company.  The difference is, Barnes has just been given notice to retire early, and Colson is just starting with the company.

While they are on an assignment together, someone else allows a train to get lose.   The problem is this train has about 36 cars, and 9 of them are carrying a hazardous chemical.

The story is about efforts to stop the train, several of which fail.   There is not  much plot beyond stopping the train, but there is plenty of action, and I really enjoyed the interaction between Barnes and Colson.   Rosario Dawson is also very good as Connie Hooper.

A very entertaining movie.

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