Saturday, November 20, 2010

Book Review: "Deceit" by Brandilyn Collins

Joanne Weeks’ best friend Linda disappeared 6 years ago and was declared dead.  One night, a mysterious stranger stops Joanne on the road and tells her that Linda was killed by her husband Baxter and to prove it, Joanne will need to use all her skills as a skip tracer to find the one witness to the crime:  Linda's foster daughter Melissa.

The two challenges that make the search more difficult are that Melissa doesn't want to be found, and if she is, the whole town of Vonita thinks Baxter is a great guy. 

The search turns out to be more difficult and dangerous than Joanne anticipated, and she soon finds herself the hunted one.

I like the characters:  Joanne is strong and clever, her sister  Dineen is supportive and sympathetic,  her friend Perry is supportive and clever,  Dan the District Attorney is very astute.  But I think the best developed character is Melissa.   

Joanne is a Christian, and sometimes struggles with it when she must use deceit in her job  as a skip tracer and it is thrown back in her face.

The story-telling moved at a good pace, and look for a big twist at the end.

A good story that I really enjoyed.

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~ Brandilyn Collins said...

Christine, thanks much for your review. I appreciate your time and thoughts. And--I'm glad you enjoyed the book.