Sunday, April 18, 2010

Movie Review: Clash of the Titans - PG13

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The story is quickly laid out as 'gods vs. humans'. The gods are portrayed as controlling and vengeful. The humans are angry at the gods; they feel that the gods have deprived them, and that they don't have the life they should be having.  Zeus created people, and now he is not 'feeling the love'  from them; he thrives on their love and adoration.  Zeus' brother Hades, ruler of the underworld, convinces Zeus to let him loose on humanity, and he will drive people back to Zeus.  

Now at the  next solar eclipse,  Princess Andromeda will be sacrificed to the Kracken, a huge creature that scares even the gods. 

Zeus' half-human son Perseus must find a way to defeat first Madusa, then the Kracken in order to save Andromeda.  Zeus would also like Perseus to assume his rightful place among the gods.  

There was a lot of religious symbolism.  Zeus claims to have created humans, but is somewhat vengeful and spiteful, unlike our God who who is merciful and forgiving.  And Hades is like Satan.  He has his own agenda, and it only includes himself.

As with any remake, I couldn't help comparing it to the original.  This remake had the distinct advantage of more advanced special effects and 3D.  The one scene that stood out for me was the scene with Madusa.  I felt it was done better in the original.  Otherwise , this was an improvement over the original. The special effects were better, and the story  flow was better.
Very entertaining.  I can definitely recommend.

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