Thursday, March 25, 2010

Book Review: The Shroud Codex by Dr. Jerome Corsi

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I received an advance copy of "The Shroud Codex" to review, and  it is one of the best books of the year.

The central character is Fr. Paul Bartholomew, a former physicist who became a priest and  recently died in a car accident and was resuscitated.  Since his accident, Paul has begun to exhibit both the stigmata and other signs of Christ's passion.  He has also begun to resemble Christ, as he appears in the Shroud of Turin.   Paul states that it is all part of God's mission for him.  The Vatican hires Dr. Stephen Castle, a surgeon turned psychiatrist, to determine both the cause and authenticity of Paul's experience.  Castle is an atheist, but the Pope trusts Castle because he helped the Pope while he was still a Cardinal.   Other characters include Archbishop Duncan of New York, Fr. Morelli,who was sent by the Vatican to work with Castle on investigating Fr. Bartholomew, Fr. Bartholomew's sister Anne Cassidy, and Fernando Ferrar, a news reporter covering the story (he wants to be the next Geraldo :)

I very much like the way Dr. Corsi defines his characters; they all have distinct personalities, and a specific role in the story.

Much of the story focuses on the authenticity of the shroud itself, both its history and the specifics of the image on the shroud.   The investigation begins in New York City, and continues at the Vatican in Rome, the CERN in Geneva, and the Chapel of the Shroud itself in Turin.

As the story progressed,  I tried to anticipate the various ways it might end. None turned out to be correct.

There were several  reasons I enjoyed"The Shroud Codex": I have long been very interested in the Shroud of Turin, and I like  mystery, action and drama stories involving the Catholic church. (I also recently reviewed "The Death of a Pope").  I especially appreciate Dr. Corsi's somewhat fast-paced writing style.  I liked the pace at which the story progresses.

An excellent book...I highly recommend!

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