Monday, March 8, 2010

Academy Awards; my take

Live blogging the Oscars. . . surprised and delighted that Sandra Bullock won Best Actress for her awesome  performance in "The Blind Side". She was electric in that role, and the film was her most popular. I liked her thanking her mom for "not letting me ride in cars with boys till I was 18 because I probably would have done what you said I would". Sounds like she had a wise Christian mom like Mrs Touhy! See her speech here.
Loved the score of "Up" and have enjoyed hours with it stuck in my head. It's tender and reminiscent, with a touch of whimsy, helping to make "Up" my favorite film this year.
As for other awards, ho-hum, Hollywood politics as usual has dominated the awards.
But, on a brigher note, the gowns were fabulous this year ladies, glamorous and romantic without showing too much, they had flair and presence allowing your beauty to shine, with a wonderful resurgence of my favorite color; Scarlett.

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Audrey said...

This is great! I'm glad Sandra won, too! That was an excellent film and she was certainly deserving of the award. I'm going to check out the red carpet fashion right away. I love it when the dresses are modest yet chic, too. That's great that it was like that this year!!