Friday, February 12, 2010

Movie Review: The Tooth Fairy - PG

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Derek Thompson (Dwayne Johnson) is a hockey player who is known as the "tooth fairy" because he knocks out other players' teeth. He used to be an NHL player, but after a broken shoulder he was sent down to the minors to recover and is still there. After he dashes a little kid's belief in the "real" tooth fairy, he is sentenced to be a "real" tooth fairy for a week (which is later extended to two weeks) He has an invisible spray, amnesia dust (only erases the last few seconds of memory), and a magic wand.He even has a tooth fairy coach.

For a film that is simply entertainment, there's a lot going on in it. Derek can be self-centered and hurtful, but being the tooth fairy changes that somewhat. The whole idea of his "sentence" reminded me of both penance and purgatory. He has hurt a few people with his harsh words, but he is also able to atone for that by helping those people achieve their dreams.

There are no content warnings; this a very family-oriented movie.

A definite "must see"!


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One of the film's charms is the way it carries childhood mythology to its logical, if absurd extreme.

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