Saturday, November 7, 2009

Movie Review: A Christmas Carol - PG

I've seen quite a few variations of "A Christmas Carol" and I felt that this one was most like the version which starred Alastair Sim. I have to admit that I had my reservations about Jim Carrey, because he has played some fairly crude and vulgar roles, but I have to give him credit; he not only played Scrooge, he also played the ghosts of Christmas past, present and future, and he did very well at all of them. The animation was AWESOME, and the music was excellent(Andrea Bocelli!).
The only omission that I noticed was the ghost of Christmas past did not show him the scene where his sister Fan died. I don't have any real content warnings. I took my nephews, ages 9-11, and they really enjoyed it.

I heartily recommend this version of "A Christmas Carol". Definitely see this for the Christmas season!

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